The XXXVth Romanian Chemistry Conference,Călimăneşti – Căciulata, Romania, October 02-05 2018

Our team participated at the The XXXVth Romanian Chemistry Conference that took in Călimăneşti – Căciulata, Romania between October 02-05 2018.
The aim of the Conference is to review the state of the art and to explore the ways in which basic and applied researches in various fields of chemistry interact.
Our team was represented by Angelica Vlad and Alexandra Bargan at the poster session where they presented the posters: ’’Strategii de obtinere a retelelor metal-organice (MOFs) pe baza de liganzi de tip carboxilat cu siliciu’’ (download abstract) and respectively ’’Metal complexes of a siloxane ligand derived from pyrrole 2-carbaldehyde’’ (download abstract).